Boat fishing

Want to try the challenge of big-game boat fishing around Tanegashima, one of the best-known locations for catching large fish?
A trip includes casting, tip running, and jigging for giant trevally. Please contact us about bait fishing.
Another great part of this experience is the captain who is an experienced sailor.

Price: half day: 50,000 yen (8 a.m. to 12 p.m.) *Max. 5 people

Whole day: 90,000 yen (Please contact for times) *Max. 5 people

Locations: Nishinoomote, west coast, east coast
Life Jacket: life jacket rental included *must be worn
Ship Name: Kaiyoumaru
Capacity: 12 (8 fishing passengers)
Equipment: GPS, fish finding equipment, spanker, live-box, plug socket, rod holder (to be attached).
Tackle rental: 1,500 yen per set (spinning and bait)

(PE line, leader threading and connecting tools available)

Conditions: * Please let us know when you book if you need ice.

* Any damaged rods, reels, lost lures, PE high cuts, etc., will be charged for.

* Bait is available for purchase on-site.